Molly Crabapple- Artist, Model, Smartmouth Extraordinaire

Molly learned to draw in a Parisian bookstore. She now credits her artistic success to
a combination of harsh criticism from the proprietor and hours copying "A Tart's
Progress." Later, she sketched her way through Morocco and Kurdistan- and once
into a Turkish jail.

Back in New York, Molly has made her lucre as a pinup model and burlesque dancer,
while turning out Victorian-themed illustrations for SCREW and NY Press. As a fine
artist, she's hung in staid, white walled establishments, and next to John John Jesse
in the notorious CBGB's 313. Molly's goals? To be a combination of Reginald Marsh
and Charles Dana Gibson, with a wee bit of Dita Von Teese on the side

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